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Bottle Jack Recovery Kit Without 20 Ton Bottle Jack

Bottle Jack Recovery Kit Without 20 Ton Bottle Jack

Safe Jack

  • $ 40900

PN: 37301
UPC: 854185005707

Enhance your lifting and jacking operations with confidence. Equipped for any trail challenge, our Bottle Jack Recovery Kit ensures stability and safety during lifting tasks. Transform your 20-ton bottle jack into a compact and powerful lifting tool with essential tools included. Consider our optional Safe Jack Universal Bottle Jack Base (97M-UBB) or Safe Jack Universal Bottle Jack Stabilizer (97M-UBS) to reduce ground loading and enhance stability.

Safe Jack utilizes the Extension Screw Collar to create a secure engagement for the Extensions and Lift Pads, as well as to maximize the available stroke to an additional 1.5 inches. These premade Extension Screw Collars are measured specifically for the bottle jack brands we carry. If you have your own bottle jack you wish to use instead, you may need to purchase a Custom Extension Screw Collar. If you opt out of purchasing a Custom Extension Screw Collar altogether, the adapters may still work, but you will not achieve the additional 1.5 inches of stroke. The 20-ton adapters will fit over a bottle jack saddle diameter of 1.75 inches - 2.25 inches (44.45 mm - 57.15 mm.) If the hydraulic cylinder (ram) is significantly smaller than this, we advise against using the adapters without an Extension Screw Collar, as the point of engagement will be unstable.

Purchase a Custom Extension Screw Collar

Want a complete kit instead? Purchase this kit with bottle jack INCLUDED


  • Increases safety
  • Makes jacking easy in a variety of ways
  • More stable & secure
  • Extends the jack's range and usefulness 
  • Compact & easy to stow


      • Adds up to 9.5 inches to your jack's capability
      • Extensions and Lift Pads can be arranged in any combination
      • 20-ton Extensions & Lift Pads have 2 inches of internal engagement
      • Lift from the axle, frame, or other lift point
      • Durable steel construction
      • Extensions and Lift Pads are always made in the USA

            Kit Includes

            • 1 ea. 37M-ESC20 20-ton Bottle Jack Extension Screw Collar
            • 1 ea. 37M-SJE320 3-inch Bottle Jack Extension
            • 1 ea. 37M-SJE620 6-inch Bottle Jack Extension
            • 1 ea. 37M-SJAF20 Flat Bottle Jack Lift Pad
            • 1 ea. 37M-SJR620 6-inch Universal Bottle Jack Lift Pad (Round cradle for axle, leaf spring, frame, etc.)
            • 1 ea. 37M-SJ12BAG Heavy Duty Canvas Safe Jack Bag



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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 7 reviews
            Dale Lersch (Pittsburgh, US)

            Awesome product, fits perfect on the 20 ton bottle jack I already had.

            David Abel (Tazewell, US)
            20 Ton Bottle Jack Recovery Kit

            To be honest I haven't used it yet, but I was very impressed with the prompt shipment and all of the e-mail correspondence by Safe Jack keeping me informed about the status and tracking of shipment. The product seems very well made and very heavy duty.

            Paul J Robbins (Colorado Springs, US)
            Excellent product...

            Excellent quality and product design...Have not yet utilized but will in the near future, and am confident the kit will complete its purpose, Thanks for the product.

            Paul, I would love to hear how you are intending to use it. If you get some photos when you use it, I would like to post them on our web site.

            Squire Rusticus (Linwood, US)

            I keep adding to my jack supplies and lifting capabilities, with Safe Jack company parts. They are excellent, providing me with every sort of lift capacity I would ever need. Worry free travel, and happy with each item I receive. EXCELLENT !!!!

            Wade, I'm glad you like our stuff and keep coming back. Thank you so much.

            David Hanson (Senoia, US)

            Bottle Jack Recovery Kit Without 20 Ton Bottle Jack

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