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Bottle Jack Recovery Kit With 6 Ton Bottle Jack

Bottle Jack Recovery Kit With 6 Ton Bottle Jack

Safe Jack

  • $ 26900

PN: 37100
UPC: 854185005172

Feel safer during lifting and jacking operations. Be prepared for any lifting task the trail might throw at you. Feel safer knowing that the jack isn’t going to slip off an axle or topple off a stack of cribbing. The Bottle Jack Recovery Kit combines all of the most useful tools to turn a 6 ton bottle jack into a compact, powerful and safe lifting tool. Add the optional Safe Jack Universal Bottle Jack Base (97M-UBB) or the Safe Jack Universal Bottle Jack Stabilizer (97M-UBS) to decrease ground loading and increase stability.




  • Increases safety
  • Makes jacking easy in a variety of ways
  • More stable, secure
  • Extends the range and usefulness 


  • Lift range of 8" – 36"
  • Extension Screw Collar provides max useful stroke
  • Extensions and jack pads can be combined in any combination
  • Lift at an axle, frame or other lift point
  • Durable steel construction
  • Extensions and pads are always made in the USA

        Kit Includes

        • 1 ea. 37M-SJ6T 6 Ton Bottle Jack (Omega Industrial Quality)
        • 1 ea. 37M-ESC6 Bottle Jack Extension Screw Collar
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJE3 3" Inch Bottle Jack Extension
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJE6 6" Inch Bottle Jack Extension
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJA8 8.5"-12" Inch Adjustable Bottle Jack Extension
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJAF Flat Bottle Jack Pad
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJR3 Universal 3" Round Tube Bottle Jack Pad (Axle tube, leaf spring, etc.)
        • 1 ea. Heavy Duty Canvas Safe Jack Bag




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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 75 reviews

        Bottle Jack Recovery Kit With 6 Ton Bottle Jack

        Bottle Jack Kit

        As I'm in England, I bought the kit without the jack to save on freight costs. The kit and the extensions are first class - no other phrase for it. I bought the 6t Omega bottle over here, and it was pretty expensive. First time I used it - terrific. Jeep shot up into the air! About 9 -10 months later I went to use it again. The jack ram extended without an issue but simply wouldn't lift the vehicle. Valve seems fine, and there is oil in it. Simply won't work as soon as it reaches resistance.

        I must stress that I DID NOT get the jack from Bogerts and the extensions and pads are superbly made - they will outlast me! But I'm not impressed with the jack itself. I did email Omega's customer support - twice, and had absolutely no response - not even an acknowledgement. I wound up buying a fairly cheap 6t jack which - so far, has worked reliably and well every time.

        So to wind up - Bogerts' kit - superb; Omega jack - really not impressed.

        Adrian - Don't toss that jack just yet. What you describe is common with just about any bottle jack. This is what happens. The pump of the jack can get air in it and the jack will not build pressure. The air can be easily cleared and the jack should work great again by doing this very simple and quick operation. (There are many videos on You-Tube about this) Simply open the RELEASE VALVE a turn. Give the jack 10-12 full pump strokes to clear the air. Close the valve and the jack should work. It's easy and it takes seconds to do.

        Haven’t used it yet; hope won’t need to. But, it’s sturdy, and seems to be exactly what we need for our 10k lb truck-camper.

        High quality

        I like how it breaks down into a compact lightweight kit. I’ve used it twice so far and it works great.

        Bottle Jack Recovery Kit With 6 Ton Bottle Jack

        Bottom line up front, this kit is outstanding and I recommend it. I decided to buy this kit after the OEM jack that came with my truck failed. I wanted a jack kit that has more capacity than I need with various attachments that will serve me well during most situations. Also, I can move this jack from vehicle to vehicle instead of the OEM kit that is tied to one vehicle.

        I gave this kit four stars for two reasons. The pump handle is too short so I have to get underneath the truck during raising and lowering which I think is dangerous. I recommend that Safe Jack include longer handles or more sections to make the included handle longer. Also, the Bottle Jack Extension Screw Collar is made of two polymer halves held together by a rubber o-ring. I would prefer that this collar be one piece instead of two.

        James, We have made longer handles for some of our customers that have requested it. Perhaps we should add a long handle to our product line for those that want that.

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