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Bottle Jack Recovery Kit Without 6 Ton Bottle Jack

Bottle Jack Recovery Kit Without 6 Ton Bottle Jack

Safe Jack

  • $ 21900

PN: 37101
UPC: 854185005189

Feel safer during lifting and jacking operations. Be prepared for any lifting task the trail might throw at you. Feel safer knowing that the jack isn’t going to slip off an axle or topple off a stack of cribbing. The Bottle Jack Recovery Kit combines all of the most useful tools to turn a 6 ton bottle jack into a compact, powerful and safe lifting tool. Add the optional Safe Jack Universal Bottle Jack Base (97M-UBB) or the Safe Jack Universal Bottle Jack Stabilizer (97M-UBS) to decrease ground loading and increase stability.

* Requires bottle jack with 1.25" RAM OD



  • Increases safety
  • Makes jacking easy in a variety of ways
  • More stable, secure
  • Extends the range and usefulness 


  • Adds up to 21 inches to your jack's capability
  • Extensions and jack pads can be combined in any combination
  • Lift at an axle, frame or other lift point
  • Durable steel construction
  • Extensions and pads are always made in the USA

    Kit Includes

    • 1 ea. 37M-SJE3 3" Inch Bottle Jack Extension
    • 1 ea. 37M-SJE6 6" Inch Bottle Jack Extension
    • 1 ea. 37M-SJA8 8.5"-12" Inch Adjustable Bottle Jack Extension
    • 1 ea. 37M-SJAF Flat Bottle Jack Pad
    • 1 ea. 37M-SJR3 Universal 3" Round Tube Bottle Jack Pad (Axle tube, leaf spring, etc.)
    • 1 ea. Heavy Duty Canvas Safe Jack Bag
    • 1 ea. 37M-ESC6 6 Ton Extension Screw Collar



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Excellent product

    Good quality and unique

    Great kit!

    I received my kit within a week using the cheapest delivery method. The quality of the kit was very good and met expectations. I had the opportunity to use the kit over the last weekend. I used it with two bottle jacks to lift my 12k pound fifth wheel so I could work on the axles. The kit worked great and I’m very happy I purchased it.

    Great Product

    The Safe Jack Recovery Kit really improves the capabilities of the bottle jack. Can lift much higher than with just the standard bottle jack. And with the included carry case, the whole kit becomes very portable and easy to stow away when not in use.

    Rod, My goal was to build a kit that was really tough, really a lot safer and really easy to stow in the vehicle. I'm glad it did all of those things for you.
    Great mobile kit

    So far I’m really liking the setup. Used it to easily lift the entire front end of a diesel truck and place two jacks under it in one lift. The base plate and curved adapter make it very stable. I do wish the base plate hardware was a higher strength. They look like stainless machine screws. Would have liked to see a 10.9 countersunk Allen bolt. I guess if it comes down to that though things have gone terribly wrong anyway. I would rather see the spacer for the top of the jack screw made out of metal and all the collars of the adapters to be full length. Last thing, red safe jack bag is really nice and heavy duty. I like the 4 big feet it has to keep it clean and dry. However, one of the ends, where you hold on to to zip the bag closed, was only sewn halfway across. None of the things above would prevent me from purshasing again. I’ve even recommended to a good friend that he should just get one. I also received excellent customer service when I called in.
    The kit is NOT to expensive for what it is. Quality steel is expensive and so is a good welder. Shipping was also very reasonable to the Midwest.

    Great kit for lifted vehicles

    Doesn't come with a that's a loss of 1 star for sure.
    Shipping charges are pretty high. Total weight of this isn't that much and charges were $35...drop another star.
    Since I had a bottle jack I carry this kit. Fortunately my Hi-Lift base plate works with my jack and having these extensions etc will aid in getting the job done.

    Love the's just really pricey and has high shipping costs.

    Rich, I understand about the shipping costs. Freight costs are a big issue for all of us. In some cases we can ship using US postal flat rate boxes and save quite a bit but we can only do that if the customer requests it. In the mean time, we are involved with negotiating discounts with UPS and FEDX which we pass on to the customer.

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