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About Us

Safe Jack Origin

Where we came from, and we’re not done yet!

I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm in the Yakima Valley while things were still a bit wild and wooly.  It was before the EPA and OSHA, before people had seat belts in cars and long before tractors and trucks had air-conditioning. Everyone listened to AM radio and chat was done face to face. It was the 60’s. It was a great time of innovation & excitement. 

I was constantly working in off road environments, and equipment was always breaking down. That usually meant yours  truly would be crawling in the dust, dirt, rocks or mud to drag wood blocks, a piece of tree stump and a  bottle jack under something that looked ready to collapse at any moment. That was the farmer way and it seemed  normal to take risks until later in life. It was “Not Smart”. Times have changed.

Moving forward some years and I found myself off the farm and working on aircraft. Suddenly, the equipment was very expensive and we took great precautions to prevent damage to the aircraft although things could still get a little dicey for the maintenance crew. I learned a great deal. One of the big lessons was it’s not cool to be unsafe. A company cannot afford to have anyone injured on the job. It’s not good business and it’s expensive. 

Over the years Bogert Aviation built an extensive line of aviation lifting jacks & slings. It is through these innovations that we had the opportunity to work with the Army. They had a critical safety issues with the HUMVEE. It took a lot of time to jack up an up-armored  Humvee. The jacks often failed causing injuries. Bogert International Inc. created a jack that could be deployed and have a wheel raised safely in under 3 minutes. The vastly improved speed and increased safety saved lives. 

Today, Safe Jack products (Bogert Manufacturing) are solving century old stability and safety issues of both the Hi-Lift® and Jackall® style farm jacks and the classic bottle jack.  Both jacks have a lot of capability, we just make them safer and more productive to handle many of the common but difficult tasks found at home or on the job.  Safe Jack also has a line of products that are variations of equipment that Bogert International Inc. manufactured for the Air Force, Army, USMC and GSA. These jacks are unique, patented or patent pending jacks that have exceptional lifting power and wide operating range. If you have a lifting issue, please feel free to call us. We may have an answer.


Richard W. Bogert

President, The Bogert Group