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Bottle Jack Accessories

We've all seen it; a shaky pile of mismatched blocks stacked together just to get a bottle jack close enough to the load. Why risk your health and safety just to perform a simple maintenance operation? That's where Safe Jack comes in!

Safe Jack’s Bottle Jack Extensions are designed to provide additional height for bottle jacks, allowing the jack to sit firmly on the ground during lifting operations. The Extensions are used in combination with the Extension Screw Collar (ESC) and stabilizing Lift Pads, which together provide a solid contact point atop a jack and safely extend the lifting range.

The most common failure when lifting a load with a bottle jack is the point of contact. Our Lift Pads are a massive improvement to your jack's small saddle, increasing the surface area, cradling the load, and stacking seamlessly on our Extensions when combined with the ESC. The 3-inch Universal Lift Pad is best used under rounded surfaces, such as your vehicle’s axle, and accommodates a 4-inch round rube or 3-inch square tube. Our 4x4-inch Flat Pad increases the default surface area by 16 times and is best used under your vehicle’s frame or any load with a flat surface.

All of our bottle jack add-ons are proudly made in-house, here at the Safe Jack facility in Washington State! Our 6-ton, 12-ton, and 20-ton sized bottle jack add-ons are precisely machined by experts to fit over their respective jack tonnages.

• 6-ton size Extensions and Lift Pads: 1.25" ID (31.8 mm)

• 12-ton size Extensions and Lift Pads: 1.75" ID (44.5 mm)

• 20-ton size Extensions and Lift Pads: 2.25" ID (57 mm)

Safe Jack Bottle Jack Accessories