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6 Ton 3" Universal Lift Pad

Safe Jack

  • $ 5000

PN: 37131
UPC: 854185005158

The Safe Jack 3-inch Universal Lift Pad is best used under rounded surfaces up to 3.5 inches in diameter, such as your vehicle's axle, or square frame. This pad is a versatile fit for various applications, including light trucks, 4X4 vehicles, and agricultural equipment. Additionally, it works effectively for lifting against frame members and rock rails. Its slim design makes for easy placement, and it's designed to integrate seamlessly with our Jack Extensions. By utilizing Safe Jack's Lift Pads, safety is greatly increased compared to the small contact area of your bottle jack's saddle. The pad offers expansive load support, distributing weight over a broader surface area. This augmented contact area bolsters stability and minimizes load force on the lift point. Moreover, the pad's size and configuration diminish the likelihood of slipping or tipping while jacking against a rounded surface. Cradle width is 3 inches and cradle depth is 1.5 inches.

Safe Jack utilizes the Extension Screw Collar to create a secure engagement for the Extensions and Lift Pads, as well as to maximize the available stroke to an additional 1.5 inches. These premade Extension Screw Collars are measured specifically for the bottle jack brands we carry. If you have your own bottle jack you wish to use instead, you may need to purchase a Custom Extension Screw Collar. If you opt out of purchasing a Custom Extension Screw Collar altogether, the adapters may still work, but you will not achieve the additional 1.5 inches of stroke. The 6-ton adapters will fit over a bottle jack saddle diameter of 1.25 inches (31.75 mm) or less. If the hydraulic cylinder (ram) is significantly smaller than 1.25 inches, we advise against using the adapters without an Extension Screw Collar, as the point of engagement will be unstable.

Purchase a Custom Extension Screw Collar

Purchase a Safe Jack 6-ton Extension Screw Collar (Premade to fit the jacks we carry)

6-ton accessories not for use on Toyota OEM or telescoping jacks. 


  • Fits over bottle jacks with a saddle diameter of 1.25 inches (31.75 mm) or less
  • 1.5 inches of internal engagement
  • Use on axles and rounded surfaces 2 inches - 3.5 inches in diameter (50 mm - 89 mm)
  • Use on flat or box tubing 2 inches - 3 inches wide (50 mm - 75 mm)
  • Cradle depth is 1.5 inches
  • Steel construction
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Compatible with most bottle jacks
  • Compatible with Safe Jack 6-ton Bottle Jack Extensions
  • Compatible with Safe Jack 12 & 20-ton Bottle Jack Ram Adapters
  • Made in the USA


Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Michael Watts (Hendersonville, US)
Safe Jack

Haven't had a chance to use it. But it appears to be well made. And fits my 6 ton jack perfect.

Georgios Tagkalos (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Good product/Excellent customer service

I didn’t have a chance to use the product but I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t work as advertised. Customer service is really something you don’t find as easy though. Not only friendly and quick to respond but on top of it they did not hesitate to fix a mistake that I made in the order without any hassle and without charging me on top of it. Regardless to say if I need something else, I am coming back to them…

Brian Luly (Alton, US)

I am really glad I purchased this it makes lifting my Jeep easier and much safer

Edward Jones (Paso Robles, US)

It looks like good quality however, I haven’t used it yet.

John Chambers (Queenstown, NZ)
Universal Base Plate & Accessories

After a dodgy wheel change on my 4WD vehicle (on what I thought was flat ground) using the jack provided I set out to find a safer option. After much searching I could not believe that Safe Jack is the only supplier for a very safe vehicle jacking system. After first purchasing a quality 6 ton bottle jack I then ordered the Universal Base Plate & Accessories from Safe Jack. I have not been disappointed. I now have a very safe jacking system for varying terrain that is extremely well made. What price can you put on a life or the very real risk of serious injury by using a jack that is provided with your 4WD. It is hard to believe that the motor vehicle industry can get away with providing such an unsafe jack when they sell their vehicles.

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