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Bottle Jack Accessories

We have all seen it! A shaky pile of mismatched blocks stacked up to get us close enough to use a bottle jack to lift something. We have all been worried that the blocks would kick out as a side load got applied to the jack. That doesn’t have to happen anymore!

Jack Extensions are sized to slip over the ram of a bottle jack or hydraulic cylinder and extend the ram so the jack can sit firmly on the ground while the load is lifted. Since the parts are all fit together, the jack is far safer and less likely to tip or otherwise fail.

The standard extensions fit nicely on most 6 ton bottle jacks (typical 1.25" ram diameter) and adapters are available to fit them to 12 ton or 20 ton bottle jacks. Specialty jack pads are available to lift against a variety of surfaces.

Safe Jack pads for bottle jacks and bottle jack extensions make bottle jacks safer to use and more productive. The pads distribute the load over a wider area to minimize damage to the piece being lifted. The 4X4 flat pad has 16 times the surface area of the jack ram alone. In addition, the size of the jack pad adds stability to the jack making it harder to slip or tip over. The half round pad is perfect for pushing against piping or axles. Pads simply slip over the top of the jack ram or jack extension.