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6 Ton Extension Screw Collar

Safe Jack

  • $ 1800

My bottle jack does NOT fit the dimensions.

PN: 37110
UPC: 854185005387

Adds 1.5 inches of stroke to a 6 ton bottle jack by extending the screw without increasing the starting height when used with a jack pad or jack extension. The size is perfect for most 6 ton bottle jacks with rams ranging from 1.25 -- 1.3 inches in diameter and screw diameters up to .955 inches

Extension screw collars provide the proper fit for jack extensions and jack pads but they also give the operator 100% of the usable stroke of the jack. The collars are easy to install taking only a few seconds and they can be removed just as easily.

These are standard equipment for our bottle jack recovery kits and should be used anytime extensions or jack pads are used for proper fit and to maximize the useful stroke of the jack.

6 Ton Accessories not for use on Toyota OEM  or Telescoping Jacks. 




Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Michael LaBounty (Melrose, US)
Very well made

Love this! Hated having to stack wood under my jack to get the height needed. This extension makes that unnecessary!

DJC (Fairfax, US)
Stabilizes pads and extensions very well.

I purchased a Sunex 6-ton botttle jack and the Extension Screw Collar ("ESC") fits well. The pad/extension movement is virtually eliminated, making the pad or extension well-mated to the botle jack. Good product =, great addition to the tool bag.

Harold Brewer (Lake Forest, US)

I only buy American. Haven't yet had the opportunity to use it. Hopefully, I won't!

Brad Stocker (Scottsdale, US)
Just buy it…

This should be a licensed product for every bottle jack. Sometimes things just work and add a lot of value for a small cost…well done.

M. (Centerville, US)
High Quality and good service

I purchased the 3 piece starter kit for my 4-ton Harbor Freight bottle jack and Jeep Wrangler JK. Since my jack had a smaller diameter ram, I also purchased a custom sized extension screw collar. I was very pleased with the communication from the company and prompt delivery of the items. I have not had a chance to use these items yet but the build quality looks amazing! Given the height of the jack, and plates, I doubt I'll be able to use this combination of equipment to deal with a flat tire so I'll still plan on using the scissor jack for that. However, for all other lifting needs, this combination of equipment will be an extreme improvement over the stock scissor jack. For my jack, I ordered the following custom extension screw collar: Bottle Jack Saddle: 1 Bottle Jack Screw: 0.625 Jack Brand: Harbor Freight Jack Tonnage: 4 Jack Part Number: 69472

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