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6 Ton 3" Jack Extension

6 Ton 3" Jack Extension

Safe Jack

  • $ 3400

$22 12" Safe Jack Canvas Bag

PN: 37111
UPC: 854185005103

The 3 inch extension adds 3 inches of length to the ram of a typical 6 ton bottle jack or any jack with a 1.25" diameter ram. It’s like adding two layers of 2X lumber. Multiple extensions can be stacked to increase the reach of the ram. Features a solid steel shaft.


Made in the USA.
Overall length 5 inches.



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Customer Reviews

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Quality bits for a lifted Wrangler

The 3" extension fits nicely over my Tonda 6 ton bottle jack and works superbly with the screw collar and universal 3" cradle lift pad. I can use the collar and cradle lift pad to lift my axle which sits 13.5 inches above ground and then add the 3" extension to reach the bottom of the vehicle's frame which is 17" high and still have over 2" of lifting height from the jack. The parts are well made from thick wall tube with excellent welds, giving my plenty of assurance. I will likely add more of Safe Jack products to the tool bag as needed.


Had to modify a 12 ton westward jack to use you 6 ton accessories

6 Ton componets. Extension screw collar. 3", 6" and 3" Round Tube Bottle Jack Pad

Looking for an alternative to the bulky Hi Lift jack I came across the Safe Jack line of products. My use is primarily for the Jeep in the event I ever have a flat away from home.

Placed an online order and received confirmation shortly thereafter. Soon a tracking number was sent. Much to my delight the package traveled all the way across the Country in just a day or two. Even though I selected standard shipping Safe Jack had the order packaged and to the carrier super fast.

The Extension Screw Collar is a very important part of the “system”. It provides support for the screw and added lift is handy. Its biggest advantage is carrying the larger diameter for the “system” add ons. The male/female engagement is lengthened making the whole assembly more stable.

For my needs, the 3 and 6 inch extensions combined with the Round Tube Pad will provide all the lift I need for raising a tire off the ground. Stacking the extensions together will give me a full 9 inches plus the height and stroke of the bottle jack.

All of the parts are made of heavy steel with an above average powder coat finish. One nice feature was a series of rounds on the ends of the extensions to help hold them in place if you’re using them alone.

Totally pleased with the purchase and the purchasing experience. Highly recommend the Safe Jack components for your lifting needs.

Convenient product

The extensions are nice in that they allow you to get three additional inches from your jacks.

Thank you for the review! It is very much appreciated.
5 star

Worked as expected

William, Thanks for sending the review! I appreciate it!

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