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Universal Combination Stabilizer for 48"

Universal Combination Stabilizer for 48"

Safe Jack

  • $ 27900

PN: 97100

UPC: 854185005462

Think of the UNIVERSAL BASE PLATE and the other components of this system as LEGO blocks.  Starting with the Base Plate as the foundation, other items can be added to create a stable and safe platform to operate a variety of bottle jacks or the Hi-Lift type farm jack. Interchangeable INSERT PLATES  make switching from one type or size of jack to another a simple operation that just takes a couple of seconds.  Take it along in the RV, 4X4, SUV, Service truck or on the farm.

Please measure the foot of your Hi-Lift or Farm jack before ordering this product. You will need to order our Universal Steel Foot (51M-USF) if the width of your Hi-Lift or Farm Jack foot is wider than 4.25"


  • Low profile – Easy to Stow
  • Reduces Ground Loading
  • Provides a stable base for various types of jacks.
  • Supports jacks on soft soil, mud, road shoulders
  • Space Saving Design
  • Switch from one type of jack to another in seconds.
  • Less expensive than multiple base plates and takes less room.


  • No Snag Points
  • Only 18 X 8 X 1.5 inches
  • Customizable -Works with Bottle jacks from 4- 20 tons, Hi-Lift Type farm jacks and automotive scissor jacks
  • Can be used as an auxiliary base for automobile jacks
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to place using handles at each end
  • Strong steel construction
  • Powder coated finish


97M-UCS48 Includes:

  • 1ea. 97M-UBP Universal Base Plate
  • 2ea. 97M-UBI Universal Base Insert
  • 1ea. 97M-UShoe Universal Hi-Lift Jack Attachment
  • 20ea. Fender Washers for attaching Bottle Jack
  • 4ea. Countersunk Screws for attaching Bottle Jack
  • 4ea. Wing Nuts for attaching Bottle Jack
  • 4ea. Tabs for attaching Bottle Jack
  • 2ea. Cables for attaching 48" Hi-Lift Jack
  • 1ea. Clevis and hardware for attaching Hi-Lift Jack


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very sturdy jack supports

Very sturdy, heavy duty jack support!

The Best

Just what I needed . I will see you guys pronto.


Haven’t tried it out yet but looks good and heavy duty. It sucks that it went on sale right after I bought it

Great kit

Brilliantly made and inspires confidence

Mostly happy...

I ordered a bottle jack and the universal stabilizer base plate with an adapter for the bottle jack and the Hi Lift Jack. The adapter for the Hi Lift Jack, with its guide wires, is an excellent addition to the inherently unstable Hi Lift Jack, so I highly recommend it. The bottle jack I received is a very nice, heavy duty jack with several different size height adaptors and two Lift plates - a U-shaped one and a flat lift plate. Not to mention it all came in a very nice, heavy duty canvas carry bag. So the ONLY thing I'm not super impressed with is the adapter plate that secures the bottle jack to the universal base plate. This adapter plate comes with a big bag of washers and four heavy duty metal tabs. The adapter plate has a bunch of holes drilled in it. So the idea is to place the bottle jack in the middle of the adapter plate, identify which holes to put the bolts through that will give you the best chance (once you stack enough washers) of positioning the four metal tabs over the corners of the bottle jack. All secured with wing nuts, which require a screwdriver underneath the adapter to get anywhere near right enough of POSSIBLY holding the bottle jack in position. Once you have FINALLY managed to "secure" the bottle jack to the Rube Goldberg contraption of an adapter plate...THEN you must secure the bottle jack/adapter plate assembly onto the universal stabilizer base plate. A very frustrating design that, frankly, isn't very user friendly or effective. Other than that, everything else I received from Safe Jack, I am very pleased with. And, like I said, anyone who owns a Hi Lift Jack MUST also own the Safe Jack stabilizer base plate.

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