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20 Ton Extension Screw Collar

20 Ton Extension Screw Collar

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Safe Jack

  • $ 1200

PN: 37310
UPC: 854185005400

Adds 1.5 inches of stroke to a 20 ton bottle jack by extending the screw without increasing the starting height when used with a jack pad or jack extension. The size is perfect for most 20 ton bottle jacks with rams ranging from  2.0 – 2.201 inches in diameter and screw diameters up to 1.490"

Extension screw collars provide the proper fit for jack extensions and jack pads but they also give the operator 100% of the usable stroke of the jack. The collars are easy to install taking only a few seconds and they can be removed just as easily.

These are standard equipment for our bottle jack recovery kits and should be used anytime extensions or jack pads are used for proper fit and to maximize the useful stroke of the jack.



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