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Hi-Lift Jack Accessories

Whether you're a farmer, off-road enthusiast, first responder, or construction worker, all can benefit greatly from the innovative jack accessories created by the Safe Jack team! The Universal Hi-Lift Stabilizer, Secure Lifter, Stabilizer Legs, and more are designed for use with Hi-Lift® Jacks and other "Hi-Lift style" jacks. These jack types commonly go by other names such as the farm jack, Lift Jack, Jackall Jack, and 4x4 Jack.

The Bogert Group of companies has spent more than 40 years making work safer and more productive in aviation, marine, military, and industrial applications. Now we are improving the safety of the widely used Hi-Lift style jack that has been in production for over a century! There's a reason it's been around so long; the Hi-Lift style jack is incredibly useful. But we've seen a decline in the use of these jacks due to safety concerns. The most common reason a Hi-Lift style jack incident occurs is due to issues like ground loading, general instability, and even just plain old user error. The best way to combine the usefulness of a Hi-Lift style jack and ensure your safety is to try some of our fantastic Hi-Lift add-ons! These accessories are designed to attach and detach in seconds with no extra tools required.

Safe Jack Hi-Lift Safety Attachments