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Hi-Lift Jack Accessories

Farmers, ranchers, RV owners, off road, 4X4 enthusiasts, home owners, rescue, first responders, construction workers and the military can all benefit from the jack accessories created by the innovation teams of Bogert Manufacturing Inc. The Safe Jack Stabilizer and other Safe Jack products are designed for use with Hi-Lift® Jacks and other Hi-Lift® style jacks commonly known as Farm Jack, Lift Jack, Jackall Jack, 4x4 Jack as well as many other names.

The Bogert Group of companies have spent more than 30 years making work safer and more productive in aviation, marine, military and industrial applications. Now we are improving the operation, safety and productivity of the widely used FARM JACK or HI-LIFT JACK that has been produced for 100 years in the USA and now by numerous off shore companies copying the design. The jack design has many good characteristics but lacks in stability and some operations are just dangerous. We have come up with some simple add on accessories that improve the safety and increase the usefulness of the Hi-Lift® style jacks. The accessories are designed to attach in seconds. Videos are available for each of the products so that you can see it in action. We are sure that you will find new uses for our accessories and we hope you share them with us.