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Bottle Jack Recovery Kit Without 12 Ton Bottle Jack

Bottle Jack Recovery Kit Without 12 Ton Bottle Jack

Safe Jack

  • $ 18900

PN: 37201
UPC: 854185005738

Feel safer during lifting and jacking operations. Be prepared for any lifting task life might throw at you. Feel safer knowing that the jack isn’t going to slip off an axle or topple off a stack of cribbing. The Bottle Jack Recovery Kit combines all of the most useful tools to turn a 12 ton bottle jack into a compact, powerful and safe lifting tool. Add the optional Safe Jack Universal Bottle Jack Base (97M-UBB) or the Safe Jack Universal Bottle Jack Stabilizer (97M-UBS) to decrease ground loading and increase stability.



  • Increases safety
  • Makes jacking easy in a variety of ways
  • More stable, and secure
  • Extends the range and usefulness of the jack 
  • Compact easy to carry and stow
  • Easy to use


    • Adds up to 9.5" to your jacks capability
    • Extensions and jack pads can be combined in any combination
    • Lift at an axle, frame or other lift point
    • Durable steel construction
    • Additional extensions can be added to increase lift range
    • Extensions and pads are always made in the USA

          37M-BJRK-12 Includes:

          • 1 ea. 37M-ESC12 12 Ton Extension Screw Collar
          • 1 ea. 37M-SJE312    3" Jack Extension for 12 Ton Bottle Jack
          • 1 ea. 37M-SJE612    6" Jack Extension for 12 Ton Bottle Jack
          • 1 ea. 37M-SJAF12    Flat Jack Pad for 12 Ton Bottle Jack
          • 1 ea. 37M-SJR612  Universal Round Tube Jack Pad for 12 Ton Bottle Jack (Axle tube, leaf spring, etc.)
          • 1 ea. 37M-SJ12BAG Heavy Duty Canvas Safe Jack Bag



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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 9 reviews

          Awesome product!!

          Perfect Fit

          I got the accessory kit for my 12 ton jack and everything fits and works perfectly. Very happy with the purchase.

          Hardware is solid, Bag is a throwaway.

          First off, the hardware is solid. The "Heavy Duty" bag however is a joke, basically a throwaway item. Overall a decent kit, a bit overpriced in my opinion but there are not many alternatives.

          This stuff is rare

          Extremely good service and a set of rare and very high quality parts. My jacking nightmares are over.


          My first Safe Jack kit was for a 6 ton, and then I bought one for my 12 ton bottle jacks. The both work beautifully. I am replacing my Leaf Spring and repacking my wheel bearings on my 38 foot 5TH Wheel. Back in OCT 2018, I had my leaf spring break in Ohio. I had to fix it right on the overflow parking for RVs. While trying to lift my RV on water logged grass, I thought there has to be a better way. It took me 7 hours to finish. I had to go back and worth to home depot to buy wood (2 x 6) to lift my RV. With these Safe Jack kits, it is so easy to jack the RV to the desired height and install the Jack Stands.
          I think is one of the best inventions for RV owners. I love them!

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