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Bottle Jack Recovery Kit With 6 Ton Bottle Jack

Safe Jack

  • $ 31900

* Due to supply chain logistics, 6 ton Omega Bottle Jacks may be substituted with another brand of similar quality and warranty.

PN: 37100
UPC: 854185005172

Feel safer during lifting and jacking operations. Be prepared for any lifting task the trail might throw at you. Feel safer knowing that the jack isn’t going to slip off an axle or topple off a stack of cribbing. The Bottle Jack Recovery Kit combines all of the most useful tools to turn a 6 ton bottle jack into a compact, powerful and safe lifting tool. Add the optional Safe Jack Universal Bottle Jack Base (97M-UBB) or the Safe Jack Universal Bottle Jack Stabilizer (97M-UBS) to decrease ground loading and increase stability.  Stroke of 6 ton bottle jacks is ~5.25"




  • Increases safety
  • Makes jacking easy in a variety of ways
  • More stable, secure
  • Extends the range and usefulness 


  • Lift range of 8" – 36"
  • Extension Screw Collar provides max useful stroke
  • Extensions and jack pads can be combined in any combination
  • Lift at an axle, frame or other lift point
  • Durable steel construction
  • Extensions and pads are always made in the USA

        Kit Includes

        • 1 ea. 37M-OM6T 6 Ton Bottle Jack *
        • 1 ea. 37M-ESC6 Bottle Jack Extension Screw Collar
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJE3 3" Inch Bottle Jack Extension
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJE6 6" Inch Bottle Jack Extension
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJA8 8.5"-12" Inch Adjustable Bottle Jack Extension
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJAF Flat Bottle Jack Pad
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJR3 Universal 3" Round Tube Bottle Jack Pad (Axle tube, leaf spring, etc.)
        • 1 ea. 37M-SJ12BAG Heavy Duty Canvas Safe Jack Bag



        Customer Reviews

        Based on 150 reviews
        Jennifer Dunford (New Orleans, US)
        Wonderful Tool

        I am a 66-year-old woman and my traveling partner, also a woman, is 62. We pull a 32 foot Winnebago travel trailer with a Ford F-150 pickup. We have had a couple of issues with blown tires on the travel trailer and the resulting three hour plus delay in waiting for AAA service.
        We made up our minds that we would find a safe way to change the tires ourselves and cut delay time way down (hopefully!) After much searching on the internet, I stumbled across SafeJack and found a compact, safe solution for changing tires. Our only other problem was how are two old ladies going to remove lug nuts that have been applied with impact wrenches. We solved that problem with a long leverage tool. We've had occasion to use the SafeJack system twice already and it works like a charm! I absolutely love it. We will never wait helplessly on the side of the road waiting for AAA to find a contractor again. It's kind of fun turning down the kind offers of assistance from well-meaning gentlemen who are amazed at our ability to change a tire on a large RV. We are women hear us roar!
        Also, the service when calling the company to get help figuring out exactly which system we needed was stellar. The lady who answered the phone was very knowledgeable and courteous and helped me decide which SafeJack product would safely suit our needs. Very satisfied customer.

        Super Product

        i purchased this kit after i was stranded on side of road with blown tire on boat trailer and had a bad jack. Kit arrived very timely. Love the bag for organization. Hoping that I never have to use it on the side of the road but I feel very prepared if the event occurs. I have at least used it to see what attachments i need to add for both my trailers and my pickup so i'm prepared when needed. Stored now in my pickup toolbox right next to my impact wrench and ready for use.

        Chris (El Paso, US)
        Exactly as advertised

        I purchased after I got stranded with a blown tire and crappy jack on my boat trailer. Honestly hope to never have to use it. Jack and accessories look great. Bag is nice to hold everything. I HAVE used it a few times just to see what extensions I needed for my cargo and boat trailer and my truck. It performed as expected. Great peace of mind. It's in my truck toolbox right next to my impact wrench. Ready next time iget stuck or need to stop and give someone a hand. Thanks safe jack

        George Iriarte (Los Angeles, US)
        Works great for my pick up truck

        I have a half ton pick up truck that the original jack that came with it sucks so this bottle jack comes in handy. I love it.

        K. (Albuquerque, US)
        3 years later and still LOVE it!

        I used a Hi-Lift for my backcountry travel for years. I think it’s what everyone thinks of when they think “off-road jack.” They’re just a pain to use and bulky to store. I bought this kit hoping it would be awesome and let me tell you…

        I’ve had it for 3 years and have used it extensively. I just changed the jack oil today and realized the entire kit is just as good as day one. I have a Power Wagon and love the fact I can jack it up from anywhere; axles, frame, etc. It’s easy to store but most importantly the attachment options ensure you’ll always be able to reach. It became my favorite jack in the shop, often I’ll use it instead of my floor jack. If you need something for your lifted 4x4 and/or you just want a versatile jack (I use it for my travel trailer too) you won’t be disappointed.

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