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Universal Hi-Lift Stabilizer for 48" Jack

Universal Hi-Lift Stabilizer for 48" Jack

Safe Jack

  • $ 30900

PN: 97102
UPC: 854185005486

The most common failure with a Hi-Lift jack is not linked back to the jack itself, but rather from stability, too much ground loading in one spot, the lift point, and sometimes just old-fashioned user error. Experienced overlanders, first responders, and many professional industries still use these jacks regularly due to how useful they can be. The Safe Jack Universal Hi-Lift Stabilizer is one of the best ways to take advantage of a Hi-Lift style jack's usefulness but with maximum stability and peace of mind! Whether you’re on the road in your RV, 4x4, SUV, service truck, or on the farm, trust in the unmatched versatility and safety of our Universal Base Plate system.

Please measure the foot of your Hi-Lift style jack before ordering this product. You will need to order our Universal Steel Foot (51M-USF) if the width of the jack foot is wider than 4.25 inches (107.95 mm.)


  • Supports jacks on soft soil, mud, road shoulders, & more
  • Low profile & easy to stow
  • Reduces ground loading & creates a stable platform for lifting operations


  • No snag points
  • 18 X 8 X 1.5 inches
  • Accommodates bottle jacks 4-20 tons, Hi-Lift style jacks, & automotive scissor jacks
  • Can be used as an auxiliary base for automobile jacks
  • Easy to place using handles at each end
  • Strong steel construction
  • Powder coated finish

97M-UHS48 Includes:

  • 1ea. 97M-UBP Universal Base Plate
  • 2ea. 97M-UBI Universal Base Insert
  • 1ea. 97M-USHOE Hi-Lift Base Plate Shoe Attachment
  • 2ea. 97M-CABLE48 Cables for attaching 48-inch Hi-Lift Jack
  • 1ea. 97M-CLEVIS Clevis and hardware for attaching Hi-Lift Jack


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Timothy Rich (Chilmark, US)
Highly recommended

A top quality product, not inexpensive, but a lot cheaper then an ER visit, or worst, and no corners were cut making it , well worth it and will last forever.
A rugged, portable solution to a very real danger to any Hi Lift Jack user.

Ray Layman (Los Angeles, US)
safety first

the order came with protective wrapping and nothing missing. Very well made and strong metal. Have not used yet, but first impressions were good, I don not regret ordering.

Henry T. (Denver, US)
Awesome products!

Bought the sergeant bottle jack kit with the base plates for both the bottle jack & a hi-lift jack. They work great & make lifting the jeep a breeze. Highly recommended!

David Fisher (Sheridan, US)
Way safer!!

A farm or handyman jack is called a widowmaker for good reason! Jacking with a standard farm jack puts everything and everyone at risk! The Safe Jack system is very strong and well thought out. It takes the wobble out of the original jack and gives it a firm base to work on too. Highly recommend it!! If you've never tested a farm jack in real life, don't wait to find out how dangerous on of them is in a real situation (non-test situation)...

Will Hilger (Ogden, US)


We have broke a few of those ourselves. We are not a Hi-Lift dealer. We don't sell the Hi-Lift jack or any repair parts for them. We just make them safer to use.
Richard Bogert

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