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Secure Lifter

Secure Lifter

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Safe Jack

  • $ 6900

Add 6ft. 3/8" Chain? ($48)

Add Polyester sling? ($59)

PN: 51103
UPC: 854185005059

The (patent pending) Safe Jack™ Secure Lifter for Hi-Lift® and farm style jacks is a very useful accessory for 4X4 enthusiasts, farm and ranch work, military applications and industrial plant operations. It provides for safe and secure attachment of a load to a Hi-Lift or farm jack style of jack and provides a stabilizer that holds the jack essentially parallel to the load being lifted. This makes the jack far safer to use and more useful that a jack without it. Use the Safe Jack Stabilizer with the Secure Lifter to maximize safety, stability and productivity.

Secure chains, straps and chokers to

Hi-Lift Style Jacks.

Safely lift loads that you cannot get a Hi-Lift under.

Use the SJSL to lift loads that would be forward of the jack base and to lift loads that are situated where it is not possible to place the jack under the load. Use it to pick up tractor tires, lift vehicles out of ruts or off obstacles. Use to lift machinery, shipping containers, boat trailers etc. Use to pull posts, shrubs and brush.



  • Improves safety
  • Greatly improves jacks usefulness
  • Lift loads that are too low for a Farm Jack
  • Lift loads that are forward of the jack base


  • Compact – easy to stow
  • Installs in seconds
  • Quick release pins for fast installation
  • Securely attaches chains or lift straps or chokers
  • No tools required to install – Quick Release fastener
  • Can be used with up to ⅜" chain or High Strength Lift Straps
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Made in the USA


  • 1ea. 51M-SJSL Secure Lifter
  • 1ea. Bale Pin
  • 1ea. Product Instruction
  • 1ea. Product Questionnaire





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