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Remote Bottle Jack

Remote Bottle Jack

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Safe Jack

  • $ 83900

Safe Jack’s Remote Bottle Jacks are perfect for working on heavy equipment or structures in the shop or in the field. The large base adds stability and reduces ground loading and it also protects the hydraulic fittings from damage. The jacks were originally designed for the U.S Army and USMC for lifting heavy armored vehicles but are useful for many tasks where you want power, stability and safety. The jacks are also engineered to have a longer working stroke than other same sized hydraulic rams.

Ergonomically engineered handles make them easy to carry and the handles are a great help when positioning the jack under the load. The swivel fittings further reduce the likelihood of damage to the fittings and hydraulic failure. Snapping on the Big Foot base plate increases the foot print to 144 square inches and reduces a 30,000 pound lb. load to just over 200 lbs. per square inch. A secondary base plate can be added to reduce the ground loading to 100 lbs. per inch.

The jack is quick to set up. Just snap on the base plate, and connect to any suitable hydraulic pump via a flexible hose. We have suggested appropriate sized Safe Jack hand pumps for each size jack. (See BMI Hydraulic Hand Pump.)

Safe Jack Remote Bottle Jack Includes:

  • Remote Bottle Jack
  • Comes with Industry Standard 1/4" Screw Style Coupler.
  • Color: Commercial Orange
  • An Optional BMI Base Plate may be ordered with any Bogert Jack or Jack & Pump Kit. The Base Plate increases the foot print of the jack to 144 sq in. reducing ground loading and can double as an excavation tool.
Hydraulic Remote Bottle Jack Model Part No. Tonnage & Working Pressure @ 7,500 Closed Height (A) Total Extended Height (B) Hydraulic Lift (Stroke) (C) Ram Diameter (D) Cylinder I.D. (E) Jack Base Size (W&L) Recommend Remote Pump/Kit
Tons In. In. In. In. In. In.
88M-SJRB1508 15 8" 14" 6" 1.5" 2.25" 4"x6" P40ACX-07
88M-SJRB1512 15 12" 22" 10" 1.5" 2.25" 4"x6" P40ACX-07
88M-SJRB2508 25 8" 13.125" 5.125" 2" 3" 6"x8" P80ACX-08
88M-SJRB2512 25 12" 21.125" 9.125" 2" 3" 6"x8" P80ACX-08
88M-SJRB3508 35 8" 13.125" 5.125" 2" 3.5" 6"x10" P80ACX-08
88M-SJRB3512 35 12" 21.125" 9.125" 2" 3.5" 6"x10" P106AC-10


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