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Compact Jack Stand Extension 5 Ton Adapter

Compact Jack Stand Extension 5 Ton Adapter

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Safe Jack

  • $ 3900

PN: 17106
UPC: 854185005424

This accessory enables our compact jack stands to support up to 5 tons.

Every jack comes with a warning similar to this one.

“Warning! To avoid injury or death, support the load with a suitable support”. When you're “Out There” where are you going to find a suitable support? Jack stands are typically bulky and they don’t have a wide range of operation. Our jack stands are compact and very adaptable to your situation. The wide bases provide great floatation and stability and the interchangeable and stackable extensions let you extend to any practical height.

Safe Jack™ Jack Stands work with the standard “Safe Jack™ Extensions.


  • 1ea. 17M-JSA5 5 Ton Adapter
  • 1ea. Product Instructions
  • 1ea. Product Questionnaire




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