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Universal Bottle Jack Stabilizer

Universal Bottle Jack Stabilizer

Safe Jack

  • $ 20900

PN: 97104
UPC: 854185005509

Think of the UNIVERSAL BASE PLATE and the other components of this system as LEGO blocks.  Starting with the Base Plate as the foundation, other items can be added to create a stable and safe platform to operate a variety of bottle jacks or the Hi-Lift type farm jack. Interchangeable INSERT PLATES  make switching from one type or size of jack to another a simple operation that just takes a couple of seconds.  Take it along in the RV, 4X4, SUV, Service truck or on the farm.

Please measure the foot of your Hi-Lift or Farm jack before ordering this product. You will need to order our Universal Steel Foot (51M-USF) if the width of your Hi-Lift or Farm Jack foot is wider than 4.25"


  • Low profile – Easy to Stow
  • Reduces Ground Loading
  • Provides a stable base for various types of jacks.
  • Supports jacks on soft soil, mud, road shoulders
  • Space Saving Design
  • Switch from one type of jack to another in seconds.
  • Less expensive than multiple base plates and takes less room.


  • No Snag Points
  • Only 18 X 8 X 1.5 inches
  • Customizable -Works with Bottle jacks from 4- 20 tons, Hi-Lift Type farm jacks and automotive scissor jacks
  • Can be used as an auxiliary base for automobile jacks
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to place using handles at each end
  • Strong steel construction
  • Powder coated finish


97M-UBS Includes:

  • 1ea. 97M-UBP Universal Base Plate
  • 1ea. 97M-UBB Universal Bottle Jack Base


Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
LJ LJ Cerritelli (Fredericksburg, US)
12 Ton Bottle Jack Stabilizer & Accessory Kit Make 7500 lbs Boat Jacking Easy Work

Used the Safe Jack 12ton bottle jack stabilizer system & accessory kit to lift our 1991 Parker 25 Sport Cabin boat off its trailer and onto keel blocking & boat stands in preparation for restoration work. The Safe Jack products are superb. I’m an aircraft mechanic (1982 to present) and seen quite a bit of specialized tools & equipment and Safe Jack is First Class stuff. If someone uses bottle jacks or Hi-Lift jacks, Safe Jack tool accessories are a tool box must have.
I found Safe Jack accidentally on the internet which generated a few questions. When I called, Liz provided knowledgeable, expert advice guiding me to their products that would fit my requirements.
My purchase was shipped from Washington state to Virginia, I received it in 5 days.
Fantastic! I highly recommend Safe Jack and I’m looking forward to trying their Uncle Norm’s Marine products in the future.
Thanks Safe Jack, Keep up the great work!

Photos to follow.

Fredericksburg, VA

Abel Alanis (Bonita, US)
Good purchase

Compact and easy to use

Steve Cockburn (Greensboro, US)
Just what we needed.

We purchased the stabilizer and 8 Ton RV Jack Kit both items were just what I was looking. We've used them to do some maintenace on our Montana 3790RD. It lifted it with no problem. Hopefully all need it for is maintenance work. I highly recommend their product.

Tom Giattino (San Antonio, US)
Excellent Quality

All of the Safe Jack components are extremely well made. I highly recommend this product.

Romeo Poulin
Could save your life

After purchasing some of the safe jack products I new were built with the safety factor as the main basis which they clearly are exactly what they are. I was watching a video on you tube of a woman chasing a rear Tire that was leaking air by the valve . She went on to remove the the wheel . She was using a bottle jack on the axel and then she turned to go to speak to the viewers of her video when all of a sudden the jack slipped and the event dropped she looked for her dog calling out for him in horror. Lucky for her the dog had been inside the Rv. She sea luckier than she knew , she could have been removing the tire at the time and got seriously hurt or killed. A proper jack base like you sell and a axle cradle would of made a really big difference in the outcome. Her jack fell by a combination of slipping off the axle and and the soft base soil slowing the base to sink in the soil. If she had your base and axle saddle and extensions she could have changed safety in her favor. Your products can actually save a life . Excellent product

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