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Farmers understand the difficulties that come with regular maintenance on heavy irrigation systems, tractors, trucks, and more. Safe Jack aims to ease the daily grind by offering a variety of Hi-Lift jack attachments and bottle jack kits with industrial farm equipment in mind.

Our Center Pivot Sprinkler Adapter has been specifically desgined to hold center pivot gearboxes in place while changing tires. If you're partial to a bottle jack instead, the 6, 12, and 20-ton Bottle Jack Off-Road Kits are thoughtfully packaged in watertight ammunition cans so you can protect the integrity of your tools and storage unit in wet and muddy fields. We even offer an essential tool for leveling shipping containers on your property! All you need to lift from the corner of your container is a 20-ton bottle jack; no extra tools required!

Safe Jack Center Pivot Sprinkler Adapter