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New updated Jack Adapters for 12 and 20 Ton Jacks

Posted by Richard Bogert on

Over the last several years, SAFE JACK has tried to be accommodating to our customers that wanted to use our 6 ton extensions and jack pads with the 12 and 20 ton jacks that they already owned.  We did this by custom machining an adapter to fit their jack. The success of this approach depended on the customer accurately measuring the ram diameter of their jack. The process was slow and too often resulted in fit issues that prompted rework that is always costly.

We have found a better way!! We have eliminated the custom machining!! We are now using a “Standard” adapter used with our exclusive ESC (Extension Screw Collar). See the video about the ESC.  The ESC adapts many different jacks to the adapter. It is a slick system. So now you will order a Standard 12 or 20 ton adapter and a 12 or 20 ton ESC.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaXFGksUvTU 




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