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New Patent for SAFE JACK

Posted by Richard Bogert on

 We are just about to receive our next patent!!! Patents are not cheap nor do they happen quickly. It’s a government process. Happily we will be able to move the first of the SAFE JACK products from the patent pending column to the PATENTED column.

The first product we introduced was the SAFE JACK STABILIZER for the Hi-Lift type jack. The original design provided a substantial 8X18 inch base that was designed to accept the foot of a Hi-Lift jack and it had stainless steel cables that attached to the vertical standard of the jack to stabilize the jack so that a side load could not tip the jack over.

The SAFE JACK STABILIZER was well accepted but we made some improvements to the system along the way. It now accepts bottle jacks up to 20 tons and has become a stabilizing base plate for a wide range of jacks.  

The stabilizer can of course be used for off road /overlanding but it has many other applications such at agricultural equipment maintenance, moving and lifting CONEX containers, pulling posts and shrubs.


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