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70,000 is a pretty big number. I was really shocked

Posted by Richard Bogert on

Seventy Thousand is the number of people in the USA that are injured each year in accidents involving jacks and vehicles. Injuries range from minor to death. No one knows how many close calls there are. This is a real problem.

Most of the time, the “Jack Failure” isn’t a mechanical failure of the jack but the vehicle slipping off the jack. This is easy to understand because all vehicles move laterally to some extent when they are lifted. It’s just geometry. This lateral movement may cause the vehicle to slide off the jack or cause the jack to tip over. It doesn't have to be that way. Safe Jack makes jacking, lifting and supporting safer. 

Safe Jack is creating products that make jacking and supporting a lot safer by building BASE PLATES, JACK EXTENSIONS and JACK PADS that prevent the jack from tipping over or slipping at the jack point. www.safejack.com


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