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Safe Jack Origins

Posted by Richard Bogert on

Safe Jack as a brand has only been around since September of 2012 when we introduced our first product for the new brand. It was the SAFE JACK STABILIZER for the HI-Lift Type Jack. 

Safe Jack is a newer brand of the Bogert Group of companies that was established in 1983 as an aircraft maintenance company called Bogert Aviation. Beginning in 1985, Bogert Aviation began producing tools to make aircraft maintenance safer and easier and a year later began producing aircraft parts and modifications that improved maintainability and safety.

In 2006 the Army came to Bogert Aviation with a problem. They couldn’t find a jack that would work on the armored Humvee (HMMWV). In seven days’ time, a working prototype was delivered to the Army at the Yuma proving grounds. After many rounds of competition, the Army selected this new type of jack as the solution for the Army and the USMC. It was fast and it was safe to use. Currently, 23,000 of those jacks are being used in some of the harshest places on earth. The Bogert Group of companies continued to build jacks, lifting devices and support equipment for heavy armored vehicles, Abrams Tanks, Missile Command and light weight aircraft like the MQ1 Predator Drone. 

Safe Jack is an off shoot of our work for the Department of Defense and our work in Aviation. While doing research for a DOD project, it became clear that nothing had been done to make common jacks such as the HI-Lift style and bottle jack any safer or more productive for 100 years. We set about making jacks safer, more stable and added accessories that made them more productive. In addition, we have created a number of support stands for safety and non-slip wheel chocks.

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