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Tesla/Porsche Rennstand Jack Pad (Sold each)

Tesla/Porsche Rennstand Jack Pad (Sold each)

Safe Jack

  • $ 2300

PN: 18127
UPC: 854185005202

Many vehicles have specific jack points that must be used to prevent damage to the vehicle. The jack points often require a special jack pad to distribute force to the right spot so that the lifting force is applied to the structure that was designed to carry it. Failure to use the proper pad may cause expensive damage. Safe Jack jack pads for the RENNSTAND are available for many models . Select the one that is designed to work with your vehicle. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding jacking and supporting your vehicle.

Basic dimensions: 2 1/2" Base with 3/4" Stud



Tesla Model S
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model X
Tesla Model Y

Porsche 964
Porsche 991
Porsche 996
Porsche 989
Porsche 997
Porsche 987
Porsche 981
Porsche 911
Porsche 944
(Not the Macan)- Click here for Macan Pad

Alfa Romeo Giulia


Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
KEITH KOZUCH (San Francisco, US)
Best you can Buy!

I bought two of these jackstands and I like them so much that I bought two more they are a little expensive but they’re well worth the price. I would recommend them to anyone for any type of car.

Ronald Rittenhouse (Easton, US)
They look safe and reliable

Easy to use and set up very well designed. Be careful of copycat adds from China posting 4 for 1/2 the price of Safe Jack

Joseph Fedor III (Carson City, US)

I bought Rennstands from y'all and have used them. They work great! The Tesla Model 3 is really stable and safe while on the stands. Couldn't ask for better

Leonard Chase (Ajax, CA)

This product work very well. I love it. I wish it could be a bit lower for the piece that sits on the jack before adding the stands. that way I wouldn't have to drive up on something before placing the Jack. Other than that, all good.

Ben Coleman (Berkeley, GB)
Huge time saver! Highly recommended.

My Safe Jacks have made jacking up and safely supporting my cars on Jack Stands a breeze. No longer do I put off jobs because the process is time consuming / fiddly, particularly with my 911. Now its super quick and easy to get the cars safely supported to work on / under and then drop them back to the ground. I've been way more productive on my fleet of vechicles since I got the Jack Stands. They are one of those things that once you have them, you think why the hell didn't I get a set of these years ago! I thoroughly recommend these brilliant Jack Stands to all auto amatuers who don't have access to a hydraulic car lift. Pair them up with a real good low profile quality jack and your onto a winner.

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