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Tesla/Porsche Rennstand Jack Pad (Sold each)

Tesla/Porsche Rennstand Jack Pad (Sold each)

Safe Jack

  • $ 1900

Many vehicles have specific jack points that must be used to prevent damage to the vehicle. The jack points often require a special jack pad to distribute force to the right spot so that the lifting force is applied to the structure that was designed to carry it. Failure to use the proper pad may cause expensive damage. Safe Jack jack pads for the RENNSTAND are available for many models . Select the one that is designed to work with your vehicle.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding jacking and supporting your vehicle.

Basic dimensions: 2 1/2" Base with 3/4" Stud



Tesla Model S, X, 3

Porsche  models  964, 991, 996,989, 997, 987,981, 911, 944 (Not the Macan)

Alfa Romeo Giulia


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Safe Jack for Tesla Suspension Work

The SafeJack is well constructed, and seems very durable in material. Used it to do some suspension work on a Tesla, and it fit well with the adapter.

Well made, but too tall for what I wanted.

These stands are very well made. I only wanted them to do tire rotations, not to get under the car, so they are really really tall for that. The car is leaning at such an angle that it took some driving to get the air suspension level again. You really need to jack the car up to get the stand assembled.

If you are looking to get under the car, these are fantastic and you should get them.

Great product

Works great when lifting the car

Secure footing

I have a relatively wide 4 ton jack, and these seem to clear easily when crossbar height was about 2 inches above the minimum to get the legs on. The jack has to be perpendicular to the car to fit between the legs. The hardest part was initially lining up the center/top pin with the hole in the cars jack pad. It was way to use after that.

Awesome Jacks

I used a pair of Safe Jack to jack up the rear of my 2010 BMW X5, a +5000lb vehicle, for replacing the air suspension bags. It was super easy to use and I love the height adjustability of this system compare to other systems.

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